MindJolt Accepts Orbital Bombardment!
Date: Friday, May 27 @ 13:23:35 CDT
Topic: Game News

I am pleased to announce that MindJolt.com has accepted my Orbital Bombardment submission! On September 10th they will be releasing it through all of their media outlets.

I don't have any experiance with MindJolt, but they boast a pretty impressive buisness plan. On the surface they look like any other game portal (Kongregate, New Grounds...) in that they host flash games and give the developer 50% of the ad revenue. However they have a tight submission process that only accepts 1-2 games a day. If you look at how many flash games are actually released on the internet each day that is a very tight submission process. The thing that makes them unique is that they actively market the games instead of just throwing them out there. They limit their releases (hence the Sept 10th date) to make sure games get proper attention, and make full use of social media like Facebook and Twitter to give them a wide audiance.

You have to take allot on faith with MindJolt, when you submit your game you are giving it to them with no strings attached. No domain locks, no ads of your own, and you can't publish it anywhere else. That said the internet forums are full of some pretty amazing stories, and some pretty bad debocles. Allot of faith is required to toss them 6 months of development. Cross your fingers (and leave them crossed, i've got over 3 months to wait)!

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